7 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Moreno Valley

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There are 1.3 million lawyers in the US. If you’re the victim of a personal injury, you need to focus on your recovery and not worry about the handling of your legal case.

You want to hire a personal injury lawyer who can work on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve as a result of your personal injury.

But how do you know what to ask your lawyer to ensure you can hire the right attorney?

Read on for seven questions that will help you to learn more about your attorney and how they might handle your case.


1. What Is Your Background and Experience in the Law?

Plenty of attorneys don’t have the best reputation. Just like there are many different types of attorneys. You want to know about the background and experience of the personal injury attorney to get a feel for their preparation for your case.

Start by asking them about their background in law. What led them to do what they do?

Then you can get more specific about their experience. What experiences do they have handling personal injury cases, even ones similar to yours?

While this might sound a little like them talking to you about their resume, you could likely learn much of this from their website.

When your attorney talks about their background and experience in law, it will give you a good feel for how they communicate and their willingness to share this information.


2. Have You Handled a Case Like Mine Before?

Then you can get even more specific and ask about their background in personal injury cases. You want to know if they’ve handled a personal injury case like yours.

Of course, they can’t share specifics of any previous case. However, the attorney should be willing to share in general terms more about cases they have handled like yours.

Ask how they chose to pursue the case and about the outcomes.

This information will give you more insight into how you might expect your case to proceed, including a timeline for your case.

You can also gain some insight into the style of communication used by the lawyer.


3. What Is Your Assessment of My Case?

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The attorney will probably want to know some basics about your personal injury case. Then you want to ask about their assessment of your case. Here are some good questions to ask:

  • How do you see my case being handled?
  • What are the positives of my case?
  • What potential pitfalls might there be for my case?
  • What will you do first if you take my case?

You might also want to discuss the likelihood of your case going to trial.

Of course, financial compensation is important to you. Ask what the personal injury attorney thinks should be included financially for your case and even the overall value of the case.


4. Who Will Handle My Case?

It’s not uncommon, especially in large firms, to have a name partner meet with you when you come in to discuss your case. It makes the client feel important and is often why a client signs with the firm.

But then what happens is that the case gets handed off to an associate to handle. You want to know which attorney will actually be working on your case.

You should know that lawyers often have extensive support staff who may help with your case. Yet, when it comes to arguing and negotiating your case, you want to know what lawyer will do the work.

Another important question is whether the attorney has enough time in their schedule to give your case the attention it deserves. Assuming your case will be the only one they handle is unreasonable.

At the same time, you don’t want them to have so many cases that yours doesn’t get the attention it deserves.


5. What If My Case Needs to Go to Trial?

Many clients who hire legal help are surprised to learn that some personal injury lawyers never go to trial. They settle all cases.

Now, you need to know that most personal injury cases are settled out of court.

Yet, sometimes a case needs to go to trial to get the results you deserve. You want to know that, if necessary, your attorney is prepared and willing to go to trial as needed.

Since trials are time-consuming and often expensive, it’s also important to understand if the law firm has the resources to handle a trial if your case merits it.


6. What Outcome Can You Predict for the Case?

Of course, you want compensation for an injury that was not your fault. You also probably want compensation for your pain and suffering. You want to know that your medical expenses and lost wages are covered.

Your personal injury attorney should be experienced in ensuring all possible compensation avenues are included in your claim. They will also be able to calculate what you should ask for in pain and suffering from your injury.

Ask the attorney to discuss what kind of compensation you might hope to get from your case.

Of course, they can’t make any guarantees. But their experience should give them good insight to predict how your case might come out.


7. How Will You Communicate With Me During the Case?

Every lawyer and client is different when it comes to communication. Some lawyers will check in regularly, and others will wait until there’s a tangible update.

You need to be honest and forthright about your communication needs. It may make you feel more reassured to get regular updates on your case.

This is also a good time to discuss your role in the case with the personal injury attorney. What will they need from you while the case progresses?


Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

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Suppose you’ve experienced a personal injury at the fault of someone else. In that case, you need to hire an attorney, and you want an experienced personal injury lawyer who will work hard on your behalf.

If you’re ready to hire a personal injury lawyer for your case, we can help. Contact us today to set up a free consultation meeting so we can get to work helping you get the compensation you deserve.

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